• Streamline your process
  • Unify your communication
  • Maximize your investment

Benefits of Aviel TMS

Predictive Analytics
Using real time information and predictive analytics, we immediately identify loads with compromised delivery times, giving you plenty of time to find solutions and advise customers.

Multi-User Design
Using web sockets, our TMS allows large teams to work together seamlessly, as updates appear instantaneously on other user screens.

Fully Integrated
We are integrated with GPS devices, mapping technologies and email software, enabling you to update customers with ease.

Email Integration
Aviel TMS is integrated with E-mail services to send automatic updates to your customers for major events, in addition to viewing and sending manual emails directly from the TMS.

Web Sockets
Uses collaborative real-time editing, allowing for rapid data updates available to other users without refreshing the system.

Planning Board

  • Manage Loads with Ease
  • Enhance Co-operation Among Team Members
  • Input Lanes and Common Orders in Seconds
  • Maximize LTL Loads

Dispatch Board

  • Real-Time Location & ETA Updates
  • Centralized Communication
  • Minimal Errors through Automation
  • Maximum Visibility


  • Simplified Invoicing
  • Dispute Process Integration
  • Automated Deductions
  • Multi-Currency System

Fleet Management

  • Driver and Carrier Performance Reports
  • Fleet Management
  • Fleet Compliance and Safety
  • Hours of Service Integration

Customer Management

  • EDI and API Integration
  • Autocomplete Processes
  • Provide Accurate Location and ETA Updates
  • Customer Portal

Customization and Support

  • Customize Aviel to Your Needs
  • Manage User Roles
  • Custom Templates
  • Expertise At Your Service

The Most Features
The Easiest to Use

Our Mission

With over two decades of industry experience, our Carrier TMS has been specifically designed to the needs of modern day asset-based transportation companies. We enable our customers to harness the collective power of a unified network and data-driven insights. Where other systems are overly-restrictive, Aviel TMS balances guided selection and flexibility, striking the delicate balance required to propel our customers forward instead of holding them back.