Planning Board

Manage Loads with Ease
Easily complete all tasks: add new orders, split loads, set up LTLs, add or remove legs, mark a pick-up as a live load or dropped trailer, and more.
Enhance Co-operation Among Team Members
The planning board updates in real-time, so the entire team easily sees when a load is covered, or updates are made in the system.
Input Lanes and Common Orders in Seconds
State of the art autocomplete technology allows you to enter the majority of information for an order by typing a few letters and selecting on a template.
Optimize Driver Planning
View drivers’ availability and all important information, such as their location, hours of service, driver performance, and other key metrics in the ideal place.
Maximize LTL Loads
Aviel TMS optimizes LTL loads by increasing space utilization to cut freight and fuel costs and hence maximize your margin.

Dispatch Board

Real-Time Location & ETA Updates

Centralized Communication

Minimal Errors through Automation

Maximum Visibility


Simplified Invoicing
Aviel TMS enables the accounting department to generate, verify, and send invoices directly to the customer with ease.
Dispute Process Integration
Easily apply and organize details relating to various events such as Overages, Rejections, Shortages, Detention/Layovers and Claims.
Automated Deductions
Aviel TMS clients can easily track and apply deductions to their driver’s invoices for various reasons such as fuel, repairs, insurance and others on a weekly basis.
Multi-Currency System
Users can intuitively add rate items to loads in multiple currencies that get automatically separated at time of invoice.

Fleet Management

Driver and Carrier Performance Reports

Fleet Management

Fleet Compliance and Safety

Hours of Service Integration

Customer Management

EDI and API Integration
Aviel TMS can integrate to any Shipper and Broker Systems via EDI and API, transferring all relevant data directly into your customer’s systems.
Autocomplete Processes
Aviel TMS stores all customer information such as, locations, billing profiles, contacts, and special requests and displays it on all desired screens.
Provide Accurate Location and ETA Updates
Keep your customers informed by leveraging Aviel TMS’ integration with satellite and mapping services, which provide frequent location and ETA updates.
Customer Portal
Your customers are able to view all important information regarding their live shipments, and see their locations on a map.

Customization and Support

Customize Aviel to Your Needs

Manage User Roles

Custom Templates

Expertise At Your Service